Under Fire in Gaza, Paramedic Saved Life of Crew Member

Stand for Israel  |  January 22, 2024

Israeli tank, Israeli-Gaza border
(Photo: Chaim Goldberg/Flash90)

The situation was dire in Gaza. But Yuval Hizkiya managed to deliver first aid to an injured soldier, keeping him alive after a tank was hit, reports The Times of Israel:

The column was rolling toward Israel when the tank in front of Hizkiya’s was hit by an anti-tank missile, killing Elisha Loewenstern, the gunner, and seriously injuring Shachar Shiloni, the loader. The tank commander, Cpt. Tom Tzafrir, was hurt by shrapnel.

“It was like a movie — shouts and a machine gun starting to cover [for us]. I realize that we are in a very exposed area, and send someone to cover for us, and occasionally even go out myself to shoot,” Hizkiya told Channel 12. “All my magazines were emptied.”

Meanwhile, there was no rescue squad in sight. Hizkiya ordered Tzafrir, the tank commander, to keep Shiloni conscious, as she rushed to check the progress of their evacuation. “She ran to the signaler to see why the rescue was tarrying, and began barking at everyone to get moving,” Shiloni told Channel 12.

Tzafrir ordered Shiloni to sing. “He’s a walking radio,” Tzafrir later told Channel 12, “always singing.” This would help Shiloni to stay conscious. By now, it had begun to rain…