Ukraine Left Without Power, Water

Stand for Israel  |  December 1, 2022

Scene of Russian rocket strike in Ukraine, November 22, 2022

Since February, when Russia launched its ongoing war on the people of Ukraine, The Fellowship has been on the ground there, helping those who can evacuate, and providing lifesaving aid to those left behind. Now, the Associated Press‘ John Leicester and Sam Mednick report on the latest Russian attacks on Ukraine, attacks that have left the already hurting Ukrainian people without the most basic of necessities:

A punishing new barrage of Russian strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure on Wednesday caused power outages across large parts of the country as well as neighboring Moldova, piling more damage onto Ukraine’s already battered power network and adding to the misery for civilians as winter begins.

Multiple regions reported attacks in quick succession and Ukraine’s Energy Ministry said that “the vast majority of electricity consumers were cut off.” Officials in Kyiv said three people were killed and nine wounded in the capital after a Russian strike hit a two-story building.

Russia has been pounding the power grid and other facilities with missiles and exploding drones for weeks and the energy system is being damaged faster than it can be repaired.

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