The Real Reasons That Evangelicals Stand for Israel

Stand for Israel  |  March 25, 2021

Western Wall in Israel, site visited by Jews and evangelicals

Throughout their history – from biblical times to the Holocaust to today – God’s children have all too often faced hatred and persecution. But today, the Jewish state and the Jewish people have found true friends and supporters in the evangelical Christian community. Writing for our friends at The Algemeiner, Reverend Johnnie Moore explains why evangelicals stand for Israel:

As Jews prepare for Passover and Christians prepare for Easter, it’s a good time to explain why Evangelicals support Israel.

Actually, it’s quite simple: we are grateful for the Jewish people because of our shared values. Evangelicals take the Bible seriously, and because of Israel’s stewardship of the Holy Land, we can safely visit and pray at the places we have learned about from the time we were children.

When we do visit, we arrive in a democracy like our own, and in a country whose innovations are making the world a better place in a thousand different ways.

Despite our ties to the land of Israel and its Jewish citizens, some mischaracterize Evangelical support for Israel for political reasons.

Here are the actual facts…

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