The Palestinian Threats Trump Needs to Hear

The Fellowship  |  May 16, 2017

President Trump Welcomes Palestinian President Abbas To White House
WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 03: U.S. President Donald Trump welcomes Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, after his arrival for a meeting at the White House. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Next week, Donald Trump will make his first visit to Israel, where he will come face-to-face with the complex issue that is the peace process. But before his visit, Gatestone Institute’s Bassam Tawil writes that Trump should understand the threats that Palestinian terror groups are lobbing not just at the United States, but with all Arab leaders who said terrorists deem to be “colluding” with Israel’s American allies:

As U.S. President Donald Trump prepares to hold his second meeting with Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem next week, two Palestinian terror groups have announced that the new U.S. administration is planning to “liquidate the Palestinian cause.” The warning by Hamas and Islamic Jihad is directed not only against Trump and his new administration, but also against Abbas and any Arab leader who dares to “collude” with the U.S.

The two Palestinian terror groups, which control the Gaza Strip and its two million residents, also renewed their pledge to pursue the armed fight against Israel; they said they would not give up one inch of Palestine, from the (Mediterranean) sea to the (Jordan) river.

Trump and his administration would do well to heed the warning issued by Hamas and Islamic Jihad, especially in the wake of Abbas’s recent statements concerning a two-state solution and peace with Israel. Abbas controls only parts of the West Bank, and how he intends to establish a Palestinian state when he cannot even set foot in the Gaza Strip is anyone’s guess. Recently, Hamas announced that if and when the 82-year-old Abbas shows up in the Gaza Strip, he will be hanged in a public square on charges of “high treason…”

Ignoring such threats issued by Palestinian terror groups is done only at one’s extreme peril. These are not marginal factions with a limited following among Palestinians. Rather, the ideology of Hamas and Islamic Jihad is widespread among the Palestinians and lives in the hearts and minds of many of them. These terror groups are popular not only in the Gaza Strip, but also among large sectors of Palestinians in the West Bank…

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