The Moment the Missile Exploded

The Fellowship  |  January 22, 2019

Screen capture of YouTube video of a missile exploding.
The Moment the Missile Exploded

Late last year, Palestinian terrorists from Gaza targeted a bus along Israel’s southern border, blowing it up with a missile. Now, Arutz Sheva’s Tzvi Lev gives us the story of the IDF soldier who was critically injured during this heinous attack and who has begun the process of healing at a Fellowship-supported hospital:

IDF soldier Michael Shoval, who was seriously injured by a missile fired from the Gaza Strip at a soldiers’ bus, returned to Soroka Hospital this week to thank medical staff for helping him heal…

“I was in the cargo area of the bus, and from what I saw in the video, the missile came in my direction. From all of the adrenaline, the most painful thing I felt was the wound with my finger,” Shoval recounted in an interview with Hadashot 13.

Shoval escaped from the burning inferno seconds before the bus exploded and gave orders to his compatriots how to act despite suffering life-threatening injuries.

“I just made things move faster because I saw that it gave my friends motivation … If they wanted to undress me, I helped him take off my infantry boots with my legs and helped them insert an IV into my veins,” Shoval added.

Shoval says that before they arrived, he asked his commander if the site was safe. “He gave me an answer of everything is good, we’re there every week,” Shoval recounted. “The minute they tell you that everything is fine then you believe them.”

Shoval lost one eye faces a long recovery. “Every day is something else, if it’s a bit of nightmares, whether it’s headaches or suddenly wheezing in the ears, or if it’s pain in the legs,” his mother said…