Tel Aviv Targeted by Terrorist Rockets

Stand for Israel  |  May 11, 2021

Bus near Tel Aviv destroyed by rockets, May 11, 2021
Bus near Tel Aviv destroyed by rockets, May 11, 2021

As the violence faced by Israel drags on, the terrorist rockets from Gaza continue to reach further into the Holy Land. Now, our friends at The Jerusalem Post report that rockets have now struck central Israel, including the city of Tel Aviv, even destroying a city bus:

Terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired a barrage of rockets in the direction of Tel Aviv late Tuesday night setting off sirens throughout the center of the country. The barrage came hours after Hamas warned Israel that it would fire missiles into Tel Aviv if the IDF continued to strike buildings in the Gaza Strip.

One of the rockets struck a bus in Holon, just south of Tel Aviv, according to initial reports…

The rockets fired at Tel Aviv set off sirens in Herziliya, Ra’anana and the Sharon region. The barrage came after Israel bombed a 13-story building in Gaza.

Close to 500 rockets were fired into Israel from Gaza since Monday, the army said, adding that 150 fell inside the Strip and another 200 were intercepted by the Iron Dome.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the intensity and rate of attacks will increase following a visit to the IDF’s Southern Command headquarter.

“We are in the midst of a campaign,” he said. “Since yesterday, the IDF has been attacking hundreds of Hamas and Islamic Jihad sites in Gaza. We have neutralized commanders, we have hit many of their quality targets. Hamas will be struck in ways that it did not expect.”

Please continue to pray for peace in Jerusalem, for God’s protection over His people, and that The Fellowship is able to provide aid to all those Israelis affected by the ongoing rocket attacks.