Teen Hostage Speaks on Gaza Captivity

Stand for Israel  |  January 18, 2024

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(Photo: Tomer Neuberg/Flash90)

One of the youngest hostages to speak out, Hila Rotem-Shoshani says, “Outside was also dangerous. Why would we run?” The Jerusalem Post tells us more:

Hila Rotem-Shoshani, who was a hostage in Gaza, recounted the conditions and experiences in Hamas captivity in an interview with The New York Times on Wednesday…

She continued, “Sometimes we heard the voices of other children, and we understood that there were more people in the house.” Eventually, she and the other captives mustered up the courage to ask for permission to use the bathroom in the house, which is how Hila came to learn the word for it in Arabic- hammam.

She recalls one instance where an explosion caused the window of the room she was staying in to shatter. She also recalled several times they moved her in the middle of the night under the cover of darkness. They would tell her, “We’re moving you to a safer location,” she said. “However, we didnt know if that was the case or if we would be killed.”