‘Schindlers’ Around the World

Stand for Israel  |  January 21, 2020

Grave stone of Oskar Schindler, famed ally of the Jews during the Holocaust
Oskar Schindler's grave at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem

Perhaps the most famous of all Righteous Gentiles — non-Jews remembered by Yad Vashem for saving Jewish lives during the Holocaust — is Oskar Schindler. The man, and his Jerusalem grave, became well-known because of Steven Spielberg’s touching and Oscar-winning film in 1993, Schindler’s List.

But Schindler was not the only Gentile to save Jews during this dark chapter in history. Other people from other nations also proved selfless and heroic. Here are five Righteous Among the Nations who have even been honored using Oskar Schindler’s name as a nickname. Click and learn more about each below.

The British Schindler

British humanitarian that rescued children from Nazi Germany, Nicholas Winton
Nicholas Winton

Nicholas Winton rescued 669 Jewish children as the Nazis’ brutal Holocaust began.

The Chinese Schindler

Ho Feng-Shan
Ho Feng-Shan

Ho Feng-Shan issued livesaving visas, thanks to his diplomat job, to tens of thousands of Jews fleeing the Nazis.

The Arab Schindler

Muslim Tunisian man who saved several Jewish families during Nazi prosecution, Khaleed Abdul-Wahab
The Arab Schindler

A Muslim in Tunisia, Khaled Abdul-Wahab saved 25 of his Jewish countrymen from death at the hands of the Nazis.

The Latvian Schindler

Latvian rescuer of Jews in Riga during the Holocaust, Janis Lipke
Zanis Lipke and wife on Latvian postage stamp

This blue-collar man with limited means and facing the threat of execution saved more than 60 Jews.

The Japanese Schindler

German Willy Foerster standing in front of a crowd of rescued Jews in Japan

Like Oskar Schindler, Willy Foerster was a German whose factory in Axis territory saved many Jewish lives.

(Photo credits: wikicommons/Yonina, wikicommons/Li-sung, Yad Vashem, Library of Congress/Carl Van Vechten, wikicommons/Latvian Post, Courtesy of Erica Foerster)

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