Rockets Fired at Israel as Tensions Soar

Stand for Israel  |  August 26, 2019

Tensions continued to grow on Israel’s southern border this weekend as rockets were fired by terrorists in Gaza. While the Iron Dome intercepted two projectiles, one landed in Israel, reports The Times of Israel’s Judah Ari Gross, injuring several people, starting a fire, and disrupting a weekend concert:

Terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired three rockets at southern Israel on Sunday night, sending thousands of residents rushing to bomb shelters.

Two of the incoming projectiles were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system, the Israel Defense Forces said.

One rocket exploded next to the Route 34 highway in southern Israel, sparking a fire, according to local government…

There was no immediate response by the Israeli military. Palestinian media reported that members of the Gaza-ruling Hamas terror group abandoned their positions in anticipation of retaliatory strikes by the IDF.

One Israeli woman sustained minor injuries as she ran to a bomb shelter and at least six other people suffered anxiety attacks because of the rocket fire, medics said.

Videos posted to social media by residents of the area showed what appeared to be interceptions by the Iron Dome.

The rocket attack came amid heightened tensions throughout the Middle East, as Israel squared off against its nemesis Iran and its proxies in multiple countries…