Pregnant Jewish Woman Attacked in London

Stand for Israel  |  March 22, 2021

Jews in Stamford Hill, London, where pregnant Jewish woman was attacked
Jews in Stamford Hill, London, where pregnant Jewish woman was attacked

Anti-Semitism continues to rage around the world, this time in the United Kingdom. Haaretz reports on a British police investigation into security camera footage of an attack on a pregnant Jewish woman in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood in London:

According to the local Shomrim neighborhood watch organization, a male suspect approached the woman from behind, “placed a pillow over her head and punched her in her stomach several times.”

The Shomrim said that the victim, who is 27-weeks pregnant, was rushed to the hospital, and that she and her unborn baby survived the assault.

Police told the Jewish Chronicle that the 20-year-old woman suffered minor injuries. According to the publication, there has been an increase in attacks on Jewish women in the area, which has a large Hasidic population.

CCTV footage from the assault shows that the woman was dressed in modest clothing typical of the Haredi community…

Let us pray for the mother and her baby, that they continue to be healthy. And let us remember God’s people – as we approach Passover, the season of His deliverance – that He continues to deliver them from the rising anti-Semitism, hatred, and violence they face not just in Israel, but in places like England, the United States, and elsewhere across the globe.