Photo Friday: The Hill of Moreh

Stand for Israel  |  December 6, 2019

Givat HaMoreh, 1951
(Photo: GPO)

In the above photo taken during the early days of the modern state of Israel, we see a place that is mentioned multiple times in the Israel of the Bible.

This is Givat HaMoreh, which in Hebrew means what it is called in the book of Judges — “the hill of Moreh” (7:1).

It is also mentioned as being where “the Canaanites were” when “Abram traveled through the land as far as the site of the great tree of Moreh” (Genesis 12:6) and again as God gives His laws to his chosen people as “across the Jordan, westward, toward the setting sun, near the great trees of Moreh, in the territory of those Canaanites” (Deuteronomy 11:30).

Isn’t it wonderful seeing the very places in the Promised Land where the people of the Bible walked and lived?

One further note…the “tree” and “trees” mentioned in both Genesis and Deuteronomy are thought to mean the terebinth tree, which is known for both its great size and great longevity. Fitting for God’s timeless land, isn’t it? Shabbat shalom, friends.