Nova Music Festival Survivor Speaks Out

Stand for Israel  |  February 15, 2024

Hamas terrorists, Nova festival memorial, loved ones, Israeli parliament, Jerusalem
Families of Israelis murdered by Hamas at the Nova music festival place pictures of loved ones in Jerusalem on February 7, 2024. (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Natalie Sanandaji speaks out about the Nova music festival and how she and her friend kept running for over two hours, which ended up saving their lives on October 7. Natalie explains how important it is for her to tell her story so the world knows and can connect to her experiences, reports Arutz Sheva:

She explained that “It’s important for me to tell the story because I want people to see a face to this story. When the whole world is dehumanizing Jews and acting like this massacre was a form of resilience to ‘free Palestine,’ I feel that maybe putting a face to the story will show them how human this story is. Because if they’re just reading about this story in an article, if they’re just seeing someone on the news talk about it who wasn’t there, I don’t think they’re gonna feel as emotional about it. I don’t think they’re gonna feel connected to it.”

“I hope that when they see my face, when they see that there’s a face to this story, that they’ll feel more connected to it. And maybe they’ll change their mind about how they feel about everything that happened on October 7.

“If we let them take our joy away, the joy of living, then we’ve let them win. And we’re not gonna let them win. Of course we’re gonna dance again,” she concluded.

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