Nova Festival Survivors Share October 7 Horror Stories on US Campus Tour

Stand for Israel  |  April 8, 2024

The massacre at Nova music festival site with photos of victims on poles in the field.
(Photo: Chen Schimmel)

To combat the growing anti-Semitism across U.S. campuses, six brave Israelis will come to America to tour 12 cities, speaking to a total of 1,200 students about their personal experiences on October 7, reports JNS:

JNS spoke to Diller, who traveled to the U.S. in late October to tell his story at East Coast colleges including Harvard, Yale and MIT and who will now visit Colorado, Arizona and California.

“It’s been six months, and October 7 is fading out,” he said last week. “The world has already forgotten while our situation with antisemitism isn’t getting any better.

“It’s important to share our story but, more than that, the main point is telling people that this could happen in their backyard and remind them that hostages are still in Gaza,” Diller added.

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