New US Embassy Building in Jerusalem Unveiled

The Fellowship  |  May 7, 2018

'US Embassy' signs appear on streets of Jerusalem
JERUSALEM - MAY 07: Flags of Israel and the United States and a 'US Embassy' sign in Hebrew, Arabic and English placed by the Israeli authorities are seen in Arona neighborhood in Jerusalem on May 07, 2018. The Israeli authorities on Monday began placing signs bearing the words ''U.S. Embassy'' on the streets of Jerusalem amid preparations for the new diplomatic mission's scheduled inauguration next week, according to witnesses. (Photo by Mostafa Alkharouf/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

A historic event will take place next week in Israel when the US embassy in Jerusalem is officially inaugurated. Getting the embassy up and running, however, will be an ongoing process:

While the new American Embassy in Jerusalem is expected to be inaugurated next week, the road to the diplomatic mission actually beginning operations is still a ways off.

The current move, then, is mostly symbolic, including a changing of a sign and the move of the ambassador and his secretary, and possibly a visit from US President Donald Trump, who decided on the move to begin with.

The capital’s American consulate stretches across 6,000 square meters of actual construction, with rights to up to 25,000 square meters—rights that will be realized in full over the next six years to create the new embassy complex.

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