Mourning Loss of IDF Soldier

Stand for Israel  |  December 18, 2023

soldiers, IDF, Gaza Strip, operation, staging area, Israeli-Gaza border
(Photo: Chaim Goldberg/Flash90)

A 20-year-old IDF soldier, Urija Bayer, is a Christian from Germany who volunteered in the IDF to give back to Israel after the atrocities the Jewish people suffered in his country of origin. Sadly, we learn from Ynet News that Bayer just lost his life on the battlefield in Gaza:

He was away from home for a long time and came back only during the cease-fire. “He believed in what he was doing deeply,” his uncle said. “On Sunday, at the hospital, I met a friend from his unit who was also injured, and he said that Urija was the strongest person in the team, both physically and mentally.”

Micha Bayer added that “Urija was a quiet and modest boy, but full of joy, and it was fun to be with him. His brother Tzuriel and his sisters Racheli and Odelia are also combat soldiers, and they all volunteer and participate in the war.”

Bayer’s family made aliyah to Israel from Germany out of Zionist sentiments and established a nursing home and a guesthouse for Holocaust survivors.