‘Lion of Judah’ Home in Jerusalem

Stand for Israel  |  May 6, 2020

A gift given to Israel by leaders among her Christian friends has at last found a permanent spot in the Holy City. The Jerusalem Post’s Rossella Tercatin reports that “The Lion of Judah,” a gift from evangelical friends of Israel, has now found a home in Jerusalem’s Bloomfield Garden:

Located in the heart of Jerusalem and with a unique view of the Old City walls, Bloomfield Garden is one of the largest green areas in the city, offering vast lawns, secluded paths and play areas, as well as several monuments and art installations, including the Fountain of the Lions donated by German Chancellor Helmut Kohl in 1989. On Tuesday, another piece of artwork found its home on its laws: the bronze statue “The Lion of Judah” by American artist Max Greiner.

The statue was donated to Israel by a group of evangelical leaders, but it took some years to find an appropriate location. The stalemate was resolved after Jerusalem deputy mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum ran into former US congresswoman Michele Bachmann at an event about a year ago, as Hassan-Nahoum told The Jerusalem Post during the installation of the monument…

“This statue is a symbol of friendship between the evangelical community and the people of Israel. The Lion of Judah represents the glory and the strength of the Jewish people and to get a gift like that in Jerusalem, our eternal capital from the Christian community is very special. I think it represents the essence of building connections with our friends around the world,” the deputy mayor added…

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