Largest Stockpile of Weapons Found Near School, Hospital in Gaza

Stand for Israel  |  December 7, 2023

Israeli soldiers, Israel-Gaza border, southern Israel, IDF
(Photo: Chaim Goldberg/Flash90)

The Jerusalem Post reports on a stockpile of Hamas weapons uncovered by the IDF on Wednesday—all located near a Gaza hospital and school:

The IDF engaged hundreds of Hamas terrorists and terror targets and discovered one of the largest weapons stockpiles ever found in the Gaza Strip over the past twenty-four hours the military said on Wednesday.

The IDF said that it had found one of the largest weapons stockpiles in the history of its operations in Gaza, an arsenal containing hundreds of missiles, launchers, long-range rockets, anti-tank missiles, UAVs, and explosives.

The massive weapons cache was located near a hospital and a school, the IDF reported.