‘It’s a Miracle We’re OK’

Stand for Israel  |  August 21, 2020

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Terrorists in Gaza continued their recent rocket attacks on southern Israel Thursday night. And one Israeli family knows that God protected them. The Times of Israel reports that a rocket struck a Sderot home while its family slept inside:

A man whose home in the southern city of Sderot suffered serious damage in a rocket attack from Gaza overnight said he believed he and his wife miraculously escaped after warning sirens failed to wake them.

“It’s a miracle [that we’re okay],” Shlomo Malka told Hebrew media outlets. “We did not hear the alert at all, we were awoken by the explosion.”

“It cut the house in two. It hit the roof of the secure room,” he said, referring to the shelter within the house. “Suddenly we heard explosions and smelled smoke. We ran to the police station,” he told the Ynet news site. “It was only after we left [the house] that we saw the destruction.”

“It was very scary but luckily nobody was hurt. My granddaughters were supposed to come to stay for Shabbat but the whole kitchen has been destroyed. I still haven’t digested what has happened,” Malka said…

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