Israel Unveils Future Weapons

The Fellowship  |  September 6, 2017

Israel leads the world in technology, much of which is created out of necessity. And now, The Times of Israel’s Judah Ari Gross reports, the Jewish state’s Defense Ministry has unveiled the latest technology that will work to battle terror and protect Israel’s people – including unmanned submarines, sniper drones, a gun that won’t miss, a hybrid tank, and autonomous vehicles:

The Weapons Development Administration, known in Hebrew by its acronym Mafat, is made up of thousands of workers, hundreds of soldiers. It manages some 1,500 defense projects at a given time.

Brig. Gen. (res.) Daniel Gold, who leads the department, said on Tuesday that he and his employees “try not to limit ourselves with the classic methodologies that are prevalent around the world,” which are typically top-down efforts.

Instead, he said, Mafat tries to connect with soldiers on the ground, determine what they need and then work to make them something that will fulfill that gap…

One of the more significant pieces of technology presented Tuesday was the Carmel armored vehicle, which is set to eventually replace the army’s current Merkava tank, in use for some 40 years.

In addition to its role as the military’s main battle tank, the Merkava is also the basis for the Namer armored personnel carrier and various combat engineering vehicles. According to the ministry, the Carmel is set to preform a similar function and can be outfitted with everything from howitzers to mine-clearing plows. And unlike the Merkava, which requires a four-person crew, the Carmel needs only two soldiers to operate it…

The Weapons Development Administration also unveiled two unmanned submarines, one of them big and the other small.

The larger submersible, known as the Caesaron, can be equipped with a variety of sensors and payloads. It is specifically designed for intelligence gathering, the ministry said.

In addition to the larger Caesaron, the ministry also unveiled a small, as-yet-unnamed submarine that it is currently developing with the help of Bar Ilan University.

The small submersible drone is aimed at “searching and mapping missions,” the ministry said.

“It costs a third the amount of similar submarines in the world and surpasses them in its ability to float and move in every direction,” the ministry added.

The administration also unveiled three new types of drones. Two of them are transport unmanned aerial vehicles, while the third is an attack drone, capable of firing an attached assault rifle…

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