Israel Thwarted Iran Spying

Stand for Israel  |  June 21, 2019

Iranian spy
Iranian spy

Iranian aggression is boiling over all around the Middle East, and it continues to do so in the Holy Land, as well. Ynet News’ Yoav Zitun reports that Israel’s Shin Bet security service arrested a Jordanian who was spying for the Islamic Republic in the West Bank:

The Shin Bet domestic security service said Thursday that it has arrested a Jordanian businessman who attempted to set up an intelligence-gathering operation in the West Bank on behalf of Iran.

The businessman, who was named as 32-year-old Taer Shaafut, was arrested in April and was indicted 10 days ago by the military prosecutor for allegedly making contact with the enemy, making contact with a hostile organization, and conspiring to bring enemy funds into the area.

The Shin Bet said Shaafut entered Israel on behalf of Iranian intelligence in order to recruit spies to gather intelligence for Iran.

“The link between Shaafut and Iranian intelligence began in Lebanon when he met two Arab-speaking operators from Iranian intelligence who introduced themselves as Abu Sadek and Abu Jaafar,” the Shin Bet said…

“At the end of his activities on their behalf, he was dispatched to Israel, he was expected to travel to Iran to complete his training as an agent and to carry out advanced training in espionage and intelligence,” the Shin Bet said.

“This affair is another example of Iran’s ongoing attempts to set up infrastructure for operations against Israel in a variety of ways, by investing considerable efforts and resources,” the agency said.

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