Israel Identifies 28 Hezbollah Missile Sites

Stand for Israel  |  July 13, 2020

Iranian Fateh-110 missile, as used by Hezbollah
Iranian Fateh-110 missile, as used by Hezbollah

Hezbollah, Iran’s terror proxy in Lebanon, has long threatened the citizens of Israel. But it turns out the terrorists also endanger those in their home country. i24NEWS reports that Hezbollah places their missile launch sites in areas that could cause harm to the Lebanese public:

At least 28 missile launching sites belonging to Lebanon’s Hezbollah have been located in civilian areas in Beirut, The Jerusalem Post reported on Monday, citing a report from the Alma Research and Education Center.

The report reveals that the sites are related to the launch, storage and production of Iranian ballistic missiles Fateh-110, a medium-range surface-to-surface missile, and its Syrian equivalent, the M600.

“The world must understand and know that these launch sites are located in the very heart of residential and urban areas,” Tal Beeri, Head of the Research Department at the Alma Center, told JPost.

“Hezbollah uses the population of Beirut as human shields, and does not hesitate to place its launch sites near public buildings, educational establishments, factories and more…”