Islamic Jihad: We Can Hit Tel Aviv and Beyond

The Fellowship  |  February 27, 2019

Iran continues to bolster the arsenals of Palestinian terrorists who seek Israel’s destruction, the latest case of this being captured on video. The Times of Israel’s Michael Bachner reports that Islamic Jihad is claiming that its new rockets, developed with the aid of its Iranian overlords, can reach throughout of the Holy Land:

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group boasted Sunday evening that it had developed a new missile that can hit beyond Tel Aviv, threatening to turn Israeli cities into “hell…”

The missile was made with help from Iran, PIJ said. The group, which is backed by Tehran and is the second-largest terror organization in Gaza, after its Hamas rulers, said that the “first missile” it launches toward Tel Aviv will be Iranian-made…

“We managed to develop a missile that can reach from the Gaza Strip to Tel Aviv and Netanya,” a PIJ spokesman says in the clip, adding that its range could even extend beyond that.

The terror group already fired Iran-made missiles toward Tel Aviv more than six years ago, during Operation Pillar of Defense in 2012. In the new documentary, it said its engineers had succeeded in renewing its missile arsenal, which was largely destroyed in previous military confrontations.

The group warned it would “surprise” Israel “in response to any crime it makes in the future.”

“The enemy’s act of stupidity against the Gaza Strip and its residents will turn the occupied cities and communities into hell, God willing,” the spokesman said. “The occupation has no place on the land of Palestine. It will either withdraw from it or suffer harmful blows…”

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