Iran Nuke Chief Eliminated Remotely

Stand for Israel  |  November 30, 2020

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While most of the world spent the better part of 2020 working remotely, the Mossad – Israel’s famed intelligence agency – spent the year…working remotely. This weekend, the head nuclear scientist in Iran, the man tasked with giving the Islamic Republic the ability to wipe Israel off the map, died in a hail of bullets straight out of a spy novel. The Times of Israel reports on the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the chief of Iran’s ongoing nuclear program:

Fars news site, a leading Iranian outlet, reported that Friday’s attack was carried out from afar using a remote-controlled machine gun attached to a car with no human agents on the scene, a significantly different description of the attack than had been previously presented. The account was not attributed to official sources and was not immediately confirmed by Iran.

According to the outlet, the assault took place over the course of three minutes as Fakhrizadeh — a brigadier general in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and a key figure in the country’s military research-and-development program long regarded by Israel and the US as the head of its rogue nuclear weapons program — traveled with his wife toward the resort town of Absard, east of Tehran.

The operation kicked off when the lead car in Fakhrizadeh’s security detail traveled ahead to inspect his destination, the report said. At that point, a number of bullets were fired at Fakhrizadeh’s armored car, prompting him to exit the vehicle as he was apparently unaware that he was under attack, thinking that the sound was caused by an accident or some problem with the car…

Once Fakhrizadeh exited the vehicle, the remote-controlled machine gun opened fire from roughly 150 meters (500 feet) away, striking him three times, twice in the side and once in his back, severing his spinal cord. Fakhrizadeh’s bodyguard was also hit by the gunfire. The attacking car, a Nissan, then exploded…

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