“If It Rains in Israel, It Will Pour in Iran”

The Fellowship  |  May 10, 2018

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"If It Rains in Israel"

Last night, after Iranian forces in Syria launched 20 missiles at Israel, Israel carried out a full-scale assault on Iranian military targets in Syria. Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman made it clear that Israel will use all measures to protect herself, while the US voiced its support for Israel’s strikes:

On Thursday, hours after the strikes, Lieberman told an annual security gathering that “if it rains on Israel, it will pour in Iran.”

The blistering Israeli assault was by far the most involved Israeli action in neighboring Syria since the civil war broke out there in 2011. Israel has tried to stay on the sidelines but has acknowledged over 100 airstrikes over the past seven years.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders offered Israel the administration’s support, saying, “This just further shows that the Iranian regime cannot be trusted. Israel absolutely has a sovereign right to defend itself and we support them in whatever efforts they have in order to defend themselves.”