IDF Uncovers Terror Tunnel

Stand for Israel  |  October 21, 2020

Since Israel’s last war with Hamas, there have been many threats from the Jewish state’s terrorist neighbors to the south. Incendiary and explosive devices. Shootings. Stabbings. Car-ramming attacks. But perhaps the greatest threat looming over southern Israelis is the terror tunnel. The Times of Israel’s Alexander Fulbright reports that the IDF just used subterranean technology to uncover yet another terror tunnel, an underground path for terrorists to bring violence into Israel:

The Israeli military on Tuesday announced it had uncovered a “terror tunnel” dug from the Gaza Strip that ran dozens of meters into Israeli territory.

The Israel Defense Forces said that following an “indication” from the barrier system whose installation it is completing on the border, military engineers located the concrete-lined tunnel emerging from the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis…

The statement did not specify who dug and built the tunnel, but the IDF reiterated it holds the Hamas terror group responsible as the Palestinian enclave’s ruler.

“The IDF is determined to defend Israel’s sovereignty and the security of its citizens and will continue to act against terror — above and below ground — in every area where it may be required,” the military said…

Military sources said the tunnel was detected by sensors in the concrete subterranean barrier that Israel has been building around Hamas-run Gaza, and marked a notable success…

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