IDF Reveals 7 Terror Targets Struck in Gaza

The Fellowship  |  May 31, 2018

As terrorist groups in Gaza, chiefly Hamas and Islamic Jihad, continued to launch barrages of rockets into Israel, the IDF was forced to respond. The Jerusalem Post reports that the IDF has identified the terror targets it destroyed in retaliation for this week’s rocket attacks:

The IDF released a video Wednesday outlining seven targets struck in the Gaza Strip following a barrage of rockets fired toward Israel by terror groups in Gaza.

The first target shown in the video is a rocket warehouse in the northern Gaza Strip that was operated by Islamic Jihad. A sketch of the rocket is displayed in the video as well. The second location targeted by Israeli airstrikes Tuesday shown in the video is a Hamas-run naval technology site intended to be used to infiltrate Israel by sea.

The IDF also revealed an SA-7 missile factory as one of the targets struck, as well as an explosive-laden drone warehouse, a rocket factory and an abandoned drone shed.

Israel struck more than 65 targets overnight Tuesday after terror groups in Gaza launched rockets and mortars into Israeli cities in Southern Israel.

The rocket and mortar fire from Gaza ceased Wednesday. A senior source in the Israeli defense establishment attributed the quiet along the border to the IDF strikes…