IDF Expands Operations in Gaza as Rockets Target Tel Aviv

Stand for Israel  |  December 21, 2023

IDF, soldiers, Israeli-Gaza border, military, war
(Photo: Michael Giladi/Flash90)

After nearly two days of no rockets fired at the Holy Land, the attacks now resume, targeting southern and central Israel. Meanwhile, the IDF continues to make advances in Gaza, reports The Times of Israel:

The Israel Defense Forces announced Thursday that it had expanded its ground operation in the central Gaza Strip to new areas, as Palestinian terrorists fired dozens of rockets at southern and central Israel, putting a violent end to a period of nearly two days in which no projectiles were shot at the country from Gaza as the war on terror group Hamas continues.

According to the IDF, the 99th Division maneuvered into new areas of central Gaza to establish “operational control” south of Gaza City and north of the so-called central camps of central Gaza.

During the operation, the division’s 179th Reserve Armored Brigade and 646th Reserve Paratroopers Brigade killed members of Hamas’s Nuseirat battalion and destroyed the terror group’s infrastructure, including tunnels and weapon depots, the IDF statement added.

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