IDF Destroys Terror Tunnel Network Under Hospital

Stand for Israel  |  January 4, 2024

Israeli soldiers, mortar shells, Gaza Strip
(Photo: Flash90)

The ground operation in central and southern Gaza continues to intensify, as the IDF finished demolishing the tunnel network under Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital, reports The Times of Israel:

The Israel Defense Forces said Wednesday that it had completed demolishing a Hamas tunnel network to Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital, while the military continued to focus operations on the enclave’s central and southern areas…

Rocket fire has drastically declined as the army has tightened its control over the Strip, but the military has warned that the terror group still has capabilities to launch projectiles into Israel.

Before blowing up the complex, the military on Wednesday released a new 360-degree video showing Shifa Hospital’s underground passages, which are smaller than the expansive Hamas command center Israel had initially declared was beneath the Strip’s largest medical center.

The IDF said hospital buildings above ground were not damaged.

According to the IDF, the tunnel branches under Shifa were around 250 meters in length and reached several sites used by Hamas in the area, describing them as used for terror purposes.

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