How October 7 Changed My Daughter’s Mind About Army Service

Stand for Israel  |  February 28, 2024

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(Photo: Tomer Neuberg/FLASH90)

Writing at Israel21c, Elana Shap writes about her daughter’s upcoming army service and how October 7 changed everything for them. Both Elana and her daughter say they’ve watched the bravery of other female soldiers and feel the importance of defending the Jewish nation now more than ever:

From October 7, we also got to see the jaw-dropping bravery of women serving in the Caracal combat battalion. According to the IDF, it was the first time in history that an all-female tank crew engaged in active combat…

There is no doubt that October 7 changed the way Gabi (and I) viewed her upcoming tzav rishon.

“If not for the war, I would still be looking at army service as something I must do and hoping that the two years pass quickly,” she says.

“Now I feel my priorities have changed and I want a meaningful role which is not only interesting for me but beneficial for the country. I feel really proud that I am starting the process which will lead me to being in a position where I can help defend our small country with so many enemies.”