Holocaust Survivor and Her Rabbi Son Attacked on London Bus

Stand for Israel  |  February 16, 2021

London Bus
London Bus

As the world begins to open up to a more normal life during the ongoing pandemic, so too do some of its ugliest hatreds and sins, among them anti-Semitism. Our friends at The Jerusalem Post tell us about a vicious attack on an 80-year-old Holocaust survivor and her rabbi son in London – all because of their faith:

A woman on a London bus punched an 80-year-old Holocaust survivor and her son, a rabbi…

Witnesses said the woman told the alleged victims, “I hate you Jews. It’s not your place. You took our money” before striking them when the bus was traveling in the early afternoon through a residential area to the heavily Jewish neighborhood of Stamford Hill.

The alleged assailant “threw the rabbi’s hat to the floor during the assault,” according to accounts that have reached the Campaign Against Antisemitism, the group said in a statement. Passengers intervened and asked the driver to take the assailant to a police station but the driver declined, the watchdog also said.

“Transport for London must explain why the bus driver took no action, allowing the abuse to go on despite the violence and the protests of other passengers, and the assailant must quickly be identified and prosecuted to the full extent of the law…”

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