Holocaust Denial Outlawed in Canada

Stand for Israel  |  April 11, 2022

National Holocaust Museum of Canada
(Photo: wikicommons/P199)

The people of Canada have long stood by the Jewish people. And this alliance has only grown stronger with the latest Canadian legislation to combat the rising anti-Semitism seen not just in Canada, but around the globe. CTV’s Marie Woolf reports that denying the Holocaust – and downplaying the Nazis’ murder of 6 million Jews during this dark chapter in history – will now be a criminal offense in Canada:

Holocaust denial is to be outlawed in Canada, in a further effort to stamp out rising antisemitism.

The federal government is set to make it a criminal offence to make a statement denying the Holocaust took place or condoning or downplaying the killing of Jews by the Nazi regime, except in a private conversation…

The move to outlaw Holocaust denial comes as MPs and anti-hate groups warn about the rise of white-supremacism and antisemitism in Canada.

“Jewish Canadians comprise one per cent of the Canadian population yet are the target of 62 per cent of all religiously motivated hate crimes,” said Richard Marceau, vice-president of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs. “We live in a time of rising antisemitism…”

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