Group Gathers Mass Testimony to Fight October 7 Denial

Stand for Israel  |  April 30, 2024

(Photo: Chen Schimmel)

After being inspired by Holocaust survivor testimonies, a group of filmmakers are documenting firsthand accounts of October 7 survivors to help bring understanding, education, as well as a way to deeply listen to all the victims, reports The Times of Israel:

Weisberger is one of the more than 700 eyewitness survivors of the October 7 massacres to give video testimony for Edut 710, the largest grassroots organization of Israeli documentary filmmakers, scholars and mental health professionals who began filming testimonies within a few days of the October 7 atrocities. The group’s name draws from the Hebrew word for testimony and the massacre’s calendar date.

“We realized very quickly that we wanted to record the primary witnesses who were in the firing line,” said Edut 710 cofounder Sagi Aloni. The group has about 400 volunteers involved in the project. Each witness tells a raw, fresh story, adding to a collective outpouring of trauma, fear, uncertainty and survival.

“We have to think about the future and how people will try to find proof and deny that the event even happened,” said another founder, Itay Ken-Tor, a documentary filmmaker and producer of the award-winning documentary, “A Film Unfinished,” about a Nazi propaganda film shot in the Warsaw Ghetto.

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