German Synagogue Shooter Thwarted By Recently Upgraded Security Door

Stand for Israel  |  October 10, 2019

Synagogue Security Door Thwarts German Shooter

As we pray for loved ones of the two victims of the recent attack at a synagogue in eastern Germany, we are thankful the synagogue security door had been upgraded that remained closed even with the gunman’s attempts to enter:

On Yom Kippur, 51 congregants in a Halle synagogue watched the feed from security cameras as their would-be shooter tried to break down the door.

He pushed it, fired a few rounds with his gun and even attached an explosive to the jamb. The heavy wooden door wouldn’t budge, CNN reported.

“It was a miracle that the door held,” Privorozki told The Times. “I cannot imagine what would have happened if it had not.”

Synagogues and Jewish centers across the globe need our protection now more than ever. These increasingly common attacks have spurred The Fellowship to act. Learn how you can help us in our current efforts to increase the world’s synagogue security.