Fallen IDF Soldier’s Donated Organs Save Israeli Lives

Stand for Israel  |  November 5, 2023

fallen soldier, IDF, mourning
(Photo: Michael Giladi/Flash90)

We mourn another brave soldier, Shoham Ben Harush, who saved lives after death as an organ donor, reports The Jerusalem Post:

Because of this donation, five others received organs they critically needed…

“Shoham is our fifth child out of six. He was good-looking and good-hearted, a cheerful and humble young man,” Harush’s father Ilan said. “We knew he wanted to serve in combat units. He served in the Nahal Brigade’s reconnaissance unit and stayed on Shabbat for Simchat Torah. I heard stories that he fought bravely at the Kerem Shalom outpost to prevent terrorists from infiltrating.”

Please continue to lift up your prayers for Israel and all the heroes on the frontlines—soldiers and first responders. Pledge to pray for the Jewish people and support the heroes of the Holy Land.