Evangelicals Stand for Israel

Stand for Israel  |  May 20, 2021

Yael Eckstein visits IDF on Gaza border to show support for Israel of evangelicals
Yael Eckstein in southern Israel visiting the 414th Eagle Battalion and Passover Holiday Toast and distribution of gift vouchers to lone and needy soldiers, then 931st Battalion in Kissufim at a lookout opposite Gaza and finally the Eshkol Regional Council for distribution of equipment to emergency teams in the Gaza Envelope region, Yael Eckstein standing near embankment, flag of Israel and US waving against a blue sky with clouds, leopard shirt, black skirt

During the latest barrage of rockets fired at Israel by Hamas, so much of the world seems to side with the terrorists. But Israel does have friends who stand for her. The Jerusalem Post writes about evangelicals in America who, through The Fellowship, provide emergency essentials and basic needs to the Jewish people in their time of need:

Waaaaaahhhhhhh. Waaaaaahhhhhhh. Waaaaaahhhhhhh. The sound of the warning siren signaling that a Hamas rocket is approaching Ashkelon has sounded hundreds of times in the last 10 days.

“When the first missiles were fired … we ran to the shelter and I fell,” recalled Meirav, a mother of three from the city. “Thirty seconds is too little time, and we didn’t manage to get to the shelter. These were moments of horror. I was really scared, especially for my children.”

Now, her leg is sore and bandaged. As such, Meirav moved her family into a shelter because running is out of the question. Away from home, most of Meirav’s day is spent trying to divert her children’s attention from what is happening outside.

“The shelter is located right next to the Iron Dome system, so we hear everything – both the rocket fire and the interceptions,” she said. “I put on music for my kids, read books, talk and hug them. I try to give them the maximum to make them feel safer.”

Nights are the most frightening.

Meirav’s story is similar to thousands of others who live in southern Israel…

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