College Students Memorialize Terrorists

Stand for Israel  |  November 25, 2019

Islamic Jihad terrorists
Islamic Jihad terrorists

When Islamic Jihad terrorist began targeting Israelis with rocketfire earlier this month, it was in response to an IDF strike that neutralized one of the terror group’s leaders — a villainous terrorist who had directed multiple attacks on Israel. And as the IDF responded to the hundreds of terrorist rockets launched at the Holy Land, its strikes neutralized 34 additional terrorists who were carrying out the attacks. Wouldn’t you know it, those murderers (or wannabe-murderers) are now being memorialized…in the United States! Our friends at the Algemeiner report that Oberlin College students are remembering these evil men, instead of the innocent civilians they meant to kill:

Oberlin Students for a Free Palestine shared in a Facebook post on Thursday that it had installed a display in “commemoration of the 34 Palestinians killed by Israeli rocket fire this last week” in Wilder Bowl, a central outdoor space on campus where students often congregate.

A sign explaining the display stated, “Last week, Israel unleashed violent airstrikes on the Gaza Strip to assassinate Bahaa Abu al-Atta and his wife on Tuesday, November 12th. In the process, killing 34 unarmed Palestinian civilians, including 8 children.”

“Oberlin Students for a Free Palestine and Oberlin Jewish Voice for Peace have created this installation to commemorate the lives of these 34 Palestinians who died at the hands of Zionist Settler Colonialism,” it continued. “We list the names and ages of those who were lost on each black flag.”

The allegation does not accord with casualty tolls shared by international observers and the involved parties, including those in the Gaza Strip, which largely acknowledge that a majority of fatalities were members of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, an Iranian-backed terrorist organization that is blacklisted by the United States, European Union, and others. The group, which aims to replace Israel with an Islamic Palestinian state, has taken responsibility for suicide bombings and other attacks targeting Israeli civilians…