Christians Stand With Israel

Stand for Israel  |  April 10, 2024

Yad BYad Passover food box packing by volunteers.

As Passover approaches, Yael Eckstein talks with Newsmax about how The Fellowship is helping on the ground in war-torn Israel this holy season and how Christians who stand with Israel are providing hope to Jews in need:

“God redeems us in a moment that everything can turn around and things can be good,” she said, asserting “that’s the message now that the people of Israel need more than ever.” …

“We are resilient, but we are also not OK. We have our sons and daughters and husbands defending the homeland where we are burying our children every single day. And so, it’s through this resilience that the Fellowship goes to the evacuees, to the elderly, to survivors of the Nova [music] festival and we say ‘here’s food for Passover so you can celebrate in faith.’

“The message… that Israel is not alone and Christians around the world stand with us cannot be overstated,” she added.

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