Bibi Opens New School Year, Blasts Palestinian Brainwashing

The Fellowship  |  September 5, 2017

As children around the world return to their classrooms, Israeli pupils were welcomed with a video message from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Jerusalem Post’s Yocheved Laufer reports that Netanyahu also blasted his Palestinian counterparts’ work of “educating” Palestinian youth with hatred and incitement:

Coinciding with the first full day of classes in Israel for the 2017-2018 (5778) school year, the prime minister lashed out at the Palestinian Authority’s means of educating hate to children through the installment of statues of terrorists throughout the Palestinian territories.

In the video, Netanyahu guides viewers through an imaginary walk to and from school with a seven year-old Palestinian girl named Fatima and her mother.

Throughout the hypothetical walk, Fatima and her mother passed by several statues erected in the past year.  After asking her mother by each statue who they are dedicated to, the seven year-old’s mom explained that each of the statues are in memory of people that killed Israelis.

“Fatima doesn’t deserve to be brainwashed with this hatred. No child does,” the prime minister stated…