Bibi: If Israel Wasn’t Here, Middle East Would Collapse

Stand for Israel  |  July 1, 2019

Israeli Prime Minister recently graced the first-ever Israel Hayom Forum on U.S.-Israel relations, speaking to the assembled crowd about how the Jewish state keeps the entire Middle East pro-Western and pro-American. Speaking to Israel Hayom’s editor-in-chief Boaz Bismuth, Netanyahu also noted that Israel is the only country that doesn’t beg for “American boots on the ground” to fight on her behalf:

The US-Israeli alliance “has always transcended partisan lines,” Bismuth added, before welcoming Netanyahu to the stage.

After a short film highlighting key points in US-Israeli cooperation since 1948, which included the US investment in the Iron Dome missile defense system in 2010; Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel; and Trump’s recognition of Israeli sovereignty on the Golan Heights, Bismuth asked Netanyahu if there were “new peaks” he was hoping for.

Netanyahu answered that US-Israeli cooperation was always growing.

“I’m being very careful, but the cooperation [between us] now is something we have never had,” Netanyahu said.

“You’ve heard of the ‘5 I’s’ in US defense? Well, there is a sixth “I,” and that is Israel. Israel not only receives intelligence from the US, but gives the US intelligence that is second to none. Israel is a tremendous ally of the US,” Netanyahu said.

The prime minister added that Israel did not seek “American boots on the ground.”

“We don’t ask America to fight for us. Can you name any other [US] ally that categorically says that? Israel is the best ally the US has,” Netanyahu said.

“Israel makes technology that services not only intelligence at the government level, but in every field of human endeavor. We are in the middle of a technological revolution,” the prime minister added.

“If Israel wasn’t here, the Middle East would collapse, Netanyahu said. Israel “ensures the entire region remains pro-Western, pro-American…