Bibi: Biggest Win of My Life

Stand for Israel  |  March 3, 2020

PM Netanyahu with IDF soldiers
PM Netanyahu with IDF soldiers

While a coalition must still be formed once Monday’s election results are finalized, it would seem the people of Israel have spoken. The Jerusalem Post’s Gil Hoffman reports that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared victory after the Jewish state held its third election in a year:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared Monday’s election “the biggest win of my life” in his victory speech at Expo Tel Aviv that started at 2:20am Tuesday.

He added “we  plowed the country from north to south. There is nothing like the citizens of Israel. Israeli citizens trust us because they know that we have brought the best decade in Israeli history.”

Netanyahu was greeted by cheers calling him “Bibi, king of Israel.”

“The victory is even sweeter, because it was against all odds and we were eulogized,” he told the crowd. “We turned the lemons into lemonade.”

In the speech, Netanyahu promised to eliminate the Iranian nuclear threat and bring about peace with moderate Arab countries. He also noted he intends to pursue further economic reforms, in addition to a proposed defense pact with the United States.

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