As Bibi Warned, Iran Covered Up Nukes

Stand for Israel  |  September 9, 2019

PM Netanyahu with evidence of Iran nuclear program
PM Netanyahu with the conclusive proof of Iran’s secret nuclear weapons program

Benjamin Netanyahu was right about Iran all along, something the United Nations will hopefully admit to. Last year, the Israeli premier warned the international body that Iran was hiding its nuclear ambitions. And now, thanks to findings by the U.N.’s own nuclear watchdog group and an investigation by Israel Hayom and Israel’s i24News, the Islamic Republic’s dastardly plans are on display for the world to see:

New images showing the extent of the Iranian regime’s efforts to cover up its use of a storage facility for nuclear materials has been released exclusively to i24NEWS.

The images show massive cement blocks used to hide radioactive material from being discovered at the site, just outside Tehran.

The new evidence ostensibly provides verification of claims made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last year at the UN General Assembly.

Netanyahu’s remarks were made months after an Israeli clandestine operation obtained a trove of highly sensitive documentation from the Islamic republic outlining parts of its opaque atomic program, supposedly shelved after world powers and Iran signed the 2015 nuclear accords.

On Sunday, the UN’s nuclear watchdog found traces of uranium at the facility Netanyahu once described as a ‘secret atomic warehouse…’