A Rare Glimpse Into the Recovery of Wounded Soldiers

Stand for Israel  |  January 4, 2024

soldiers, IDF, Gaza Strip, operation, staging area, Israeli-Gaza border
(Photo: Chaim Goldberg/Flash90)

Writing at JNS, Adi Rubinstein reports that about 2,000 IDF soldiers since October 7 have had amputations or other significant injuries and now live with disabilities. Rubinstein tells the story of these soldiers on their path to healing:

Naor, 26, an Israel Defense Forces reservist, is working with his physical therapist on a large stability ball to restore function in his injured leg. Slowly, slowly, there is movement and the hard work begins to pay off. Naor has surgery scheduled in a few days.

“I was shot several times in the stomach, chest and leg,” he said. “I was pulled to the triage area for the wounded and I could feel what was happening to me at all times, so I was able to tell my fellow soldiers exactly what I was feeling at any given moment and describe the situation.” …

We were not allowed to photograph some of the recovering soldiers, and several we were not even allowed to speak to, given their classified positions. They smiled when we entered the room and only said to let readers know that despite the heavy price, they were destroying Hamas. They felt the need to send words of encouragement to readers, despite the fact that it is they who are in wheelchairs.

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