900 Holocaust Survivors Died of COVID in Israel in 2020

Stand for Israel  |  January 26, 2021

Elderly Holocaust survivor tattoo on arm

179,600 Holocaust survivors still live in Israel. Elderly and all too often impoverished and alone, these precious souls have been among the most vulnerable during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The Jerusalem Post reports that 5,300 became infected with COVID last year, and 900 of them died:

Seventeen thousand Holocaust survivors passed away in Israel in 2020, including 900 who died of the novel coronavirus, the Central Bureau of Statistics reported on Tuesday.

Some 5,3000 survivors were infected with COVID-19 during the year…

Women make up about 60% of the survivors in Israel and 64% of them are from Europe. All of the survivors are over the age of 75 and 17% are over the age of 90…

Among the survivors, close to 850 are over the age of 100, two thirds of which are women…

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