5-Year-Old Child Killed in Rocket Barrage

Stand for Israel  |  May 12, 2021

Rocket strikes Sderot building, May 12, 2021, injuring a young child
Rocket strikes Sderot building, May 12, 2021, injuring a young child

As night prepared to fall on the Holy Land Wednesday, a new barrage of rockets launched from Gaza left dozens injured. The Times of Israel reports on the latest wave of Hamas missiles that killed a young child, as well as many others:

A five-year-old boy was killed and at least 20 Israelis were hurt as Gaza-based terrorists fired fresh salvoes of rockets at Israel, setting off warning sirens Wednesday night in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area and cities in the south.

In the Gaza border town of Sderot, seven people were hurt in a direct hit on a building. The boy’s mother grabbed him and took him to the fortified room when the incoming rocket sirens sounded, according to Hebrew media reports. But in a rare incident, rocket shrapnel punctured the shelter’s window, critically injuring him and also wounding his mother. He was pronounced dead several hours later.

The Sderot municipality identified the slain child as Ido Avigal.

His death brings the number of fatalities in Israel in the current round of fighting to seven, including five Israeli civilians, an Indian national and an IDF soldier killed by anti-tank missile fire on the Gaza border…

Please pray for comfort for the boy’s family and the full recovery of his mother, as well as the many other Israelis who have been wounded during this wave of terror and violence.