100 Days of War

Stand for Israel  |  January 15, 2024

Families of hostages, Hamas terrorists, Gaza, Israeli border
(Photo: Flash90)

Israel is under attack and Israelis still suffer from grief and trauma as today marks 100 days of war against Hamas terrorists. We learn more about the real dangers faced by Israel and the entire Jewish community worldwide from writers at JNS:

It has been 100 days since the lives of Jews and Israelis were changed forever, traumatized by the heinous atrocities committed by the Iranian-backed Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7…

For 100 days:

  • 136 hostages are still being held in captivity; the Red Cross has not seen them
  • Little recognition by U.N. and women’s rights groups of Hamas sexual crimes
  • Thousands of rockets fired by Hamas at Israel from the south
  • Hundreds of rockets fired by Hezbollah at Israel from the north, killing several Israelis
  • Dozens of maritime attacks by Iranian-backed Houthis in the Persian Gulf
  • More than 100 attacks against U.S. forces by Iranian proxies
  • Nearly 200 Israeli soldiers killed
  • Hundreds of thousands of Israelis displaced from their homes in the north and south
  • More than 1,000 anti-Israel rallies and hundreds of bomb threats in America

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