Holocaust Remembrance Day

Never Forget/Never Again

Learn the lessons of the Holocaust and anti-Semitism and understand the horrific realities of genocide in this complimentary booklet, Never Forget, Never Again.

Never Forget/Never Again

Our 24-page booklet on the lessons of the Holocaust and anti-Semitism will help bring understanding to the horrific realities of genocide and encourage you to stand with Israel and her people. Download your complimentary copy now. 

We Remember. We Act.

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, we pledge to remember the 6,000,000 victims. But we cannot forget about those who survived the Holocaust. Over 400,000 Jewish survivors live in poverty. Sadly, 40 survivors die every single day – alone and forgotten. It won't be long before none of them are left. We must act now to help them while there is still time.

Never Forget-Martin Weiss' Story-Part 1

Listen to a recording from Holy Land Moments, as Martin Weiss, a Holocaust survivor, tells the story of his arrival at Auschwitz, the largest Nazi killing center.

Never Forget: Martin Weiss' Story-Part 2

Holocaust survivor Martin Weiss continues with his story about arriving in Auschwitz, the largest Nazi death camp.

Never Forget: Helen Goldkind's Story

As Israel honors this week the memories of the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust, we hear from Helen Goldkind, a Holocaust survivor.

Never Forget, Never Again!

Learn about the lessons of the Holocaust and anti-Semitism in our free booklet, Never Forget/Never Again.

My Grandfather's Holocaust Story – Max's Life and Legacy

In the final segment of this moving series of her grandfather, a Holocaust survivor, Fellowship writer Yonit Rothchild shares the legacy of Max Grinblatt's life that his story be told so that others will never forget.

My Grandfather's Holocaust Story

Fellowship staff writer Yonit Rothchild shares the harrowing story of how her grandfather, Max Grinblatt, survived the Holocaust and how his experiences shaped him — and their entire family.

Olga's Story

Nearly 400,000 Holocaust survivors are living their final days in the most wretched conditions imaginable – without food, medicine, heat or company. This is Olga's story.

How You Can Help a Holocaust Survivor Today!

The clock is ticking on how we can help the remaining Holocaust survivors living in Israel and the former Soviet Union — many of whom live below the poverty line. Watch this video on how you can help a Holocaust survivor right now.

Agnes Schwartz: "A Hidden Child"

Agnes Schwartz from Budapest, Hungary, was 10 years old when German forces occupied her town and her family was forced to move to the ghetto.

Hermann Grunewald's Horrific Journey

Hermann Grunewald was born in Hungary to a well-to-do Jewish family. When the Germans invaded in 1941, Hermann began a horrific journey through three Nazi death camps, including Auschwitz.

Janine Oberrotman: "I Give Life to Those Who Died"

Janine Oberrotman survived living in the Jewish ghetto, living as another "hidden child," only to be denounced, arrested and sent to a Nazi labor camp.

Josef Katz: His Story Will Not Be Forgotten

As a young boy, Josef Katz, a Ukrainian Jew, was imprisoned in the notorious Nazi death camp at Auschwitz. For many years, Josef kept his horrific stories to himself.

Facing the Challenges of the Holocaust

Download this chapter from Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein's book, How Firm a Foundation, for a more in-depth understanding of some of the underlying challenges the Holocaust presents to people of faith — both Jewish and Christian.

Magda Brown: Enmeshed in the "Final Solution"

Magda Brown was only 17 years old when she and her mother were packed into train cars, and with little information about where they were going, they became enmeshed as part of the Nazis' "final solution."

Six Million Jewish Souls Cry Out, 'Never Again, Never Again!'

For some the Holocaust is ancient history; for others, the events remain real and ever-present. This overview gives a historical overview of Holocaust Remembrance Day, as well as a way we can respond today to that terrible chapter in human history.

Record a Prayer for a Holocaust Survivor

Record a prayer for a Holocaust survivor, the people of Israel and their struggle for survival, and for the fight against anti-Semitism. 

Holocaust Remembrance Day Events

Download our listing of scheduled events for Holocaust Remembrance Day around the country.

We Remember

Visit The Fellowship's microsite devoted to a more in-depth look at the Holocaust where you can listen to a Holocaust survivor, learn more about the roots of anti-Semitism and how that contributed to Hitler's Final Solution, watch a video about those who stepped forward to help the Jewish people, and explore how we today can respond to this tragic chapter in world history.

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