Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein's Commentary

Rabbi's Commentary

Upon the Doorposts of Your House

It was recently my special honor to tell the children and staff of a Fellowship-sponsored orphanage about you — Christians who love Israel and God's people.

Rabbi's Commentary

Love Your Neighbor

The Fellowship funds many hospitals in Israel, and each one I visit encourages me when I see how people of all types cooperate and help each other, creating islands of sanity and civility in the sea of chaos that is the Middle East.

Rabbi's Commentary

Call and He Will Answer

When we at The Fellowship take your prayer requests to the Western Wall in Jerusalem, asking God to bless you and meet your needs, it is one way of returning the blessing of your prayers and support for God's children.

Rabbi's Commentary

A Country Under Fire

I returned to the Holy Land from a visit to the U.S. to find a nation on the brink of war. Hamas has drastically escalated hostilities, firing more than 180 rockets into Israel. And now more than 3,000 Fellowship volunteers are reaching out to Israelis in the line of fire, which is possible because of you, our "watchmen on the walls."

Rabbi's Commentary

A Cost Paid in Blood

The same day that a Hamas leader urged attendees at a funeral to kill Jews, an Israeli father of two was stabbed and killed in a horrific terror attack. This reflects the deep hatred of Jews that flourishes in Palestinian culture — and that comes with a heavy cost.

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