With Smart Hydrants, Israel Shows off Its Water Tech

The Fellowship  |  November 26, 2019

Smart, modern fire hydrant developed by Israeli innovators

Israeli innovators have to think up smart water solutions to make up for their over 60 percent of desert. This new smart device and modern fire hydrant by HydrantTech makes sure every drop of water counts reports the Times of Israel:

Fire hydrants exist to save lives in case of a conflagration, but they also moonlight — when they malfunction — as a source of gushing water for children to splash around and cool off in during the summer.

Israeli firm HydrantTech aims to stem that deluge, though, with a smart device it developed for modern fire hydrants that alerts authorities to leaks, water theft or malicious attempts to penetrate a water supply…

“As a nation, how do you monitor your water?” he [Isaac Sachs, a sales rep of the firm] asked. “Everyone monitors their heartbeat or their blood pressure. Our system sits in any pipe, just like an artery. Our product is like a Fitbit for water networks.” Fitbit is an app and a watch-like device that is used for tracking activity, workers and sleep in humans.