US Christians Provide Thousands of Bomb Shelters to Israelis

The Fellowship  |  May 20, 2021

Fellowship bomb shelters being placed in Israel
Fellowship bomb shelters being placed in Israel

As Israelis have endured nearly two weeks of rocket attacks, their Christian friends in America are not only standing for Israel and praying for the Jewish people, they have provided tangible help, too. The Christian Post’s Emily Wood reports on the thousands of bomb shelters in Israel thanks to The Fellowship and our faithful supporters:

As Israel has been bombarded with thousands of missiles fired by Hamas over the past two weeks, American Christians have provided aid from afar by helping fund mobile bomb shelters that will protect Israeli civilians from the attacks.

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews [The Fellowship] placed 13 mobile bomb shelters in the heavily bombarded city of Ashkelon last Wednesday, along with several other mobile shelters throughout the week, to protect from Hamas terrorist missile fire.

The Fellowship also provided security staff in Ashkelon, a coastal southern Israel city, with 25 protective vests…

The support of American Christians who desire to see Israel protected has allowed thousands of permanent or mobile bomb shelters to “truly provide security and safety from these rocket attacks to the people of Israel.”

“It’s mostly on behalf of Christians in America who want to provide that shelter and protection just as the Bible says to be the watchmen on the walls [of Jerusalem],” The Fellowship CEO Yael Eckstein, whose father founded the organization, told The Christian Post…