Unexpected Beauty in Israel’s Synagogues

The Fellowship  |  February 28, 2020

Hurva synagogue

Former Israeli Army fighter pilot and photographer, Amir Chodorov, captures the beauty of Israel’s synagogues through photos so that more people will visit them and appreciate their “elegance and grace,” reports Israel21c.

His award-winning works, most notably of the Holy Sepulcher Church in Jerusalem, highlight the elegance and grace of urban landscape. And now he’s decided to turn his lens on synagogues.

“Synagogues sound kind of gray and miserable and not beautiful,” he notes. “I have to say two things. First, I was very sad because I discovered that they’re so beautiful and we don’t know that. Furthermore, I discovered that no one really comes to view them.

“And second, they’re so happy to be visited, that there’s an interest,” he says of shul goers, noting the fact that non-observant Jews hardly ever step inside synagogues.

See his photos here.

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